Travel & Tours            
The A- Z of the travel and tours industry is performed by Seti First Travel. Airline tickets, departure and arrival arrangements, airport meet - and - assist services, hotel reservations and all other logistical preparations are completed by our competent and punctual staff. Our specialized tour designers can tailor tours to any requirements whether group preferences or individual taste. Professional, multilingual tour guides are available 24 hours a day to escort tourists wherever they may wish to go. Our exceptionally high- value corporate incentive programs have attracted some of the world’s largest corporations to join us. In short, Seti First Travel is full capable through access to a unique set of facilities and personnel to meet absolutely any travel and tour requirements. Our quality though is equally impressive. All our coaches are equipped with bathrooms and are fully air- conditioned. In addition our offices maintain radio contact with the coaches to ensure speedy response to any of our travelers requests. Our luxury limousine service includes among others two of the world’s few classics, a Rolls Royce and a Bentley from the early fifties, both immaculately maintained. Being the owners of over 154 vehicles including more than eighty coaches, fifteen Mercedes limousines, fifteen Land cruisers and 5 Hummers we often boast that our strength in transportation is in our numbers.
We are as capable off the road as we are on it!
Desert safaris around Hurghada and Sharm El Sheikh are a favorite among our more adventurous customers. The exciting trips can last from half a day to three days and include camel rides in the desert and visits to genuine Bedouin villages. Our 5 hummers are maintained in top form ensuring comfortable and trouble-free desert excursions.

Seti First Travel manages, owns, and maintains its own fleet of air-conditioned buses and limousines, on call 24 hours a day to facilitate transportation for clients from airports or borders and throughout their entire stay in Egypt. Our fleet includes the following vehicles:
  • Buses with a seating capacity from 45 to 50
  • Mini buses with a seating capacity from 12 to 25


With an impressive modern fleet of 40 medium and large- sized cars available for rent with or without chauffeur, Seti Limousine offers comprehensive services to its customers during their entire stay in Egypt. Our efficient and reliable service extends to all of our branches spread throughout Egypt’s tourist destinations: Abu Simbel, Alexandria, Aswan, Cairo, Luxor, Sharm El Sheikh, and Hurghada. Our coverage means we can offer our services to numerous destinations at reasonable rates. Through our affiliate company Seti First Atom Travel, one of the leading tourism and travel organizations in Egypt, we at Seti Limousine can assist our customers to obtain complete tourism and travel services.