The largest port in Egypt and the greatest summer resort in the Middle East. Located on the Miditerranean Sea north west of Delta, 225 KM from Cairo by agricultural road and 221 KM by desert road. Named after Alexander the Macedonian who ordered its foundation in 332 B.C., on the site of a small village called Rhakotis to be the capital of his reign in Egypt, a port near to his country and a Greek cultural center. Since its foundation Alexandria remained for many centuries a center of cultural radiation in the whole world. It occupied a remarkable place in the history of mankind. Today Alexandria is considered the second capital of Egypt. It is distinguished by its strategic location, moderate climate and its beautifully fine sandy beaches which covers a large area between Agamy in the west and Abu Qeir in the east which make it worthy of its well merited title "Pearl of the Mideterranean".